FlorLink’s SmartHub Enterprise
IoT Platform

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Activate The IoT Platform

The SmartHub is at the heart of the FlorLink IoT Platform.  Powered by a rules based engine, this on premises edge device or cloud only solution transforms alerts from connected sensors and devices into actionable messages for associates and managers.  All transactions are recorded and made available in a web portal for data and trend analysis.  Now your organization can respond quicker to customer needs, address equipment issues before they happen and much more resulting in superior customer service and operational effectiveness.

Give Customers Control

Placing touchless call button devices in select areas where customers are unable to complete purchases without assistance will grow sales by reducing abandonments and improve both customer satisfaction and the customer experience. Customer Call Button(s) is part of FlorLink’s Customer Engagement Solution. Customer Engagement is all about creating a differentiated customer experience by empowering the customers to ask for assistance.

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve Conversion and Average Ticket
  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • Recover Lost Sales from Locked Merchandise
  • Drive Performance through Metrics and Analytics
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Capture and Analyze IoT Events

The FlorLink web-based portal is a secure cloud-based reporting system that gives the client result-focused and actionable insights. These insights empower management to take actions that increase staff effectiveness and enhance customer experience. Reports from the portal can be automatically sent to key field and corporate personnel to empower management to monitor key metrics and improve overall customer satisfaction. With corporate support, policies and proper training, the SmartHub generated data drives continuous operational effectiveness.  Portal data can also be shared with end users and integrated with their data analytical tools.  In addition, various alerts that can be generated from the portal notifying field associates of pending issues or tasks that need to be completed